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We provide certification training through the American Heart Association  most current Guidelines through the curricula of the American  Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) and Medic First Aid. Our instructors have over 20 years of teaching and are very experienced  professionals. Our First Aid and CPR staff instructors are  active  or retired Professional Firefighters that share real life medical  stories and put on an exciting and very appropriate level of training.

Course Content:

Learning Objectives:

First Aid

Legal considerations, Need for First Aid, First Aid defined, Emergency Notification (911 or other) Scene Survey, Scene Safety, Bystander Intervention, Disease Precautions, Patient Assessment, Primary Survey (ABCs), Secondary Survey (Head-to-Toe) exam, Victim Medical History, Bleeding Control, Shock, Anaphylaxis, Soft Tissue injuries, Impaled Objects, Dressings & Bandaging, Burns, Head and Spine Injuries, Chest and Abdominal Injuries, recognition for Trauma and how to properly care for, Bone, Joint and Muscle Injuries, Splinting, Poisoning, Bites, Stings and Poison Oak, Cold-Related Emergencies, Heat-Related Emergencies, Victim Rescue, Mass Casualty.


Understanding of the Cardiopulmonary System, Risk Factors, Coronary Artery Disease in the U.S., Heart Attack recognition/Signs & Symptoms, How to check for Breathing or absence of, Airway Management, Choking Emergencies for Conscious & Unconscious persons, Rescue Breathing, How to check for a Pulse, How to do Chest Compressions for an Adult, Child and Infant. One and two person rescue.

Learning Materials:

AHA current guidelines using student books from ASHI/Medic First Aid, an interactive color book with actual photographs, very descriptive and easy to use, follow along with the Instructor page by page during the class,  handouts are included in the book, Skill Scan provides a bullet format for the student to use as a guide when performing “hands-on-training”. Learning Activities after each chapter help reinforce the material covered. This book is the most comprehensive, complete and easy to read First Aid/CPR manual available today. (portions of the book may be graphic for some).

30 minute video, Chain of Care

Identifies the American Heart Association Standard and Guidelines for performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. A very high quality presentation of a person having a heart attack, the actions taken by bystanders and notifying emergency responders. Shows what and how to check the Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Provides instruction for proper positioning and techniques when performing CPR. Identifies how to check for responsiveness, activate EMS, Open Airway, check for Breathing, check for Blocked Airway, perform Heimlich Maneuver for conscious and unconscious persons, deliver Rescue Breathing, check for Pulse, Deliver Chest Compression’s. Re-assess vitals.


State of the art mannequins that meet the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and C.D.C. guidelines. Life like to the touch and feel, anatomically correct for resistance when performing Rescue Breathing and Chest Compression’s.


Much of the time in class is spent actually performing the First Aid and CPR techniques identified in the book, video, lecture and handouts.

Practical Exam

Each student shall perform to a high degree of accuracy the identified First Aid/CPR/AED skills per the American Heart Association (AHA) as outlined in the ASHI/Medic First Aid student manual.

Written Exam

Adult CPR & Choking, 25 question multiple choice, passing score 80%. First Aid, 25 question multiple choice, passing score 80%.


Upon successful completion participants shall receive a wallet certificate card from the American Health and Safety Institute /Medic First Aid,  valid for two years.